Models + Seniors


High School Seniors, College Graduation, Models………

5 outfits + 5 locations
$300 Session + $200 for the gallery of all the proofs. Due in one payment, or can be separated into 2 payments.

1. DO NOT CALL/TEXT ME before 8 am or after 8 pm

2. All seniors must have a parent or Guardian contact me directly in order to schedule your appointment!

senior 32


2+ hours,

5 outfits,

3-5 locations

Hundreds of edited proofs,

A social media collage with students name, school, and year posted within 48hrs of session

Access to an online gallery to share with family and friends within 2 weeks,

Access to purchase all prints straight through gallery


SCHEDULE YOUR DATE– Currently, I have made Tuesdays, “senior portrait day”. If that doesn’t work with school or sports, a few other days a month are available, including some weekends. Its on a first come first serve basis.

If your student/parent and me confirm your photo shoot date and time, it becomes yours. That means, payment is due on that date. Once you confirm, you are also confirming that you are purchasing that time from Rustically Romantic. Therefore, if you cancel, or never show up, payment is still due. If you are more than 15 minutes late, photographer reserves the right to leave and still charge for date. Please do not book with Darby Johnson Photography, if you are not willing to abide by this

PICK A TIME- Shoots take 1-2 hrs. (Boys), 2-3 hrs. (Girls)

PICK SOME FAVORITE LOCATIONS- We will go to 3-5 different outdoor locations. If you have your heart set on specific locations, that require extra drive time, i.e. the beach, far outside of town, etc…you need to let me know when booking your appointment so I can schedule accordingly. Locations that are far from meeting point my require an additional charge.

PICK WHO COMES! Formally invite one or both of your parents to come, as in face to face! Also, a grandparent if you’d like. (We live for that stuff). If not, feel free to come alone, with a bff, or boyfriend/girlfriend.

Note…Moms of boys, 1. I do not take many smiley pics if your son is in uniform…..( jerseys, lettermans, etc). That is part of my style, and in my experience the boys like a serious photo more in sports uniforms than a smiling look. 2. Boys like their moms just to watch and not make comments or fuss over them. Just trust both in my eye, and enjoy the fact that your boy is having fun and not losing his temper! If you are bringing a pet, that takes an extra nice Mama or friend to “babysit him/her as we shoot.

PICK WHO DRIVES! You, or a parent/friend. I will drive ahead in my own car, but will not be the “driver” for the day. Please be sure you have transportation for the day. 

BRING PAYMENT is best- session payment of $300 is due at session, if you want access to all images as soon as they are edited so you can “blow up the internet”, bring $500. No payment arrangements made the day of!

A senior session is $300 due the day of photo session. Once edited, all images are uploaded to an online gallery for purchase. A collage or individual photos, posted on your Facebook wall will notify you that your images are being edited and your job is in que. Afterwards, a link will be emailed to you with a link and password to view and purchase your images. Images are not edited for blemishes, they are color corrected only. Prints can be ordered straight from gallery. Wallets up to full canvases. Families can make prints to pass out, or share link and have grandma pick out and order her own, any size she chooses. Digital images start at $20 each. Digital sets are $200 to post, use to make announcements/collages/invitations.

  • Note- whatever I post to your wall becomes yours to repost/share. They are not however large enough to print from successfully. An image is only permissible to screenshot, post, reprint if you have bought the copyright for it or as part of the entire gallery!

GRAB PROPS Lettermans, jerseys, helmets, lax sticks, footballs, cleats, mitts, poms, long boards, skate boards, surf boards, golf clubs, your favorite hat, rifle, dog, dirt bikes, guitar, whatever expresses you! If you want pics with your car/truck, drive it the day of the shoot!


        Boys 5 outfits. Please be nice to your Mama and pack at least 1 button up shirt. Get it off the ground, and hang it up the night before, so your shirts are not super wrinkled! You do not have to change your pants/boots if you don’t want….but if you want full on outfit changes, knock yourself out! Bring you favorite Ball Caps, trucker hats, cowboys hats, jerseys, lettermans, old Carhartt’s, whatever is your favorites !

        Girls- 5-8 outfits including shoes and accessories. We shoot the best 5 outfits! Bring anything that has potential, we can put together outfits on location if need be!!  Hair should be ready to go. Consider using hair spray to keep it looking good til the end. Makeup– You can do it yourself, have a friend help, get it done professionally, or I can do it for an additional $50. Important- your foundation and concealer must match your skin tone exactly! Unless you have your makeup done professionally, please bring your makeup along. I do not photoshop skin, so please use concealer on acne. Makeup should be darker than usual, with a darker cheek & dark eye. Brows are important in pics, so groom them and fill them in a bit!! Don’t forget accessories, shoes, strapless bras, etc you might need for each look.

CHECK THE WEATHER- Unless it it a full downpour within an hour of your session, it’s a go! Overcast is the absolute best….so unless full wet rain is comin’ down, we shoot!

REVIEW THE CANCELLATION POLICY- PLEASE INFORM YOUR PARENTS- Upon scheduling, client immediately agrees to follow cancellation policy. All cancellations must be made 4 weeks in advance, otherwise payment is due in full. If you do not agree to the terms, do not schedule a session. If your session is in November or December, no cancellations are permitted, even with notice! Only photographer determines if weather postpones shoot, please. Cancellations are made only if it is a full downpour within one hr of scheduled shoot.

BUDDY PICS If you are asking for a buddy/boyfriend/girlfriend pics, please let me know at time of booking, so I can schedule accordingly and charge for an additional person. If you would like parent/child photos at the end of the session, there is an additional $50 charge. The same charge applies for buddy/boyfriend/girlfriend pics. If you are doing a buddy shoot, as well as individuals on the same day, the extra charge is $50 per senior.

TWINS???- Yikes! Expensive year x2. If you want separate days, completely separate sessions the pricing remains the same. If you are doing same day and as most parents of twins want some photos together, choose the morning with one sibling one on one, then next child one on one, and end with them back together. This gives each kid time with you and there’s no rushing to keep the one in the car happy! LOL. TWINS pricing 2 full senior sessions with full galleries to own, twins special $750 including all buddy pics together (savings of $300) 

RUSH ORDERS I work diligently to edit and return your photos within a short time frame. 2-3 weeks is expected, although I try to work even quicker! It is not appropriate to ask for your gallery link or your photos a few days later. If you need your photos prior to 2 weeks, AKA yearbook deadlines, Holiday orders, etc there is an up charge of $150, so schedule early and stay patient.


TO BOOK- Message me on Instagram @rusticallyromantic

Text @ 707.489.5750

NOTE FOR ALL SHOOTS- Service is nonrefundable. But that said, I want every client to be thrilled with their session and their images. If necessary, arrangements will be made only at photographer’s request to re-shoot if there is a problem. Reasons such as weight concerns,  not looking exactly at camera, hair blowing in the wind, senior not smiling enough, etc, would not be considerations for a free/discounted re-shoot

College Graduation Session:
5 outfits + 5 locations, on and around campus,
hundreds of proofs $300 session +$200 full gallery


Signed, scouted, or looking for representation….

ATTENTION MODELS- If you are looking to update your portfolio, or are looking to put together an agency submission-please contact me on Instagram

Note-If you have been approached by me, and asked to participate in a styled shoot, please confirm appointment time, come on time and prepared. If you have been fortunate enough to be asked to participate in a shoot, you can expect 1-3 full size images via social media, and access to a purchasable gallery for additional images/prints.

Model Portfolio Session-
Model sessions with 3 outfits, 3 locations- $500 creative fee.
Entire session includes an password protected online gallery for agency to choose favorite downloadable images for purchase.

INTERESTED IN GETTING AGENCY REPRESENTATION? A consultation fee of $200 helps prepare agency submission, choose images, refers agencies, etc. This by no means is a guarantee that you will get representation, but with industry experience, will certainly give you a greater advantage than going it alone.