Rustically Romantic Weddings

Specializing in outdoor weddings…

wineries, barns, beaches, and estates

in California and beyond.


Ask yourself a few of these questions……If you have answered yes to 10 or more…..we might be a great fit for one another!

1. I consider myself and my fiancé fairly adventurous.   yes/no
2. I am someone who generally is capable and unafraid.   yes/no
3. My fiancé and I are independent, yet adore our friends.   yes/no
4. We like the outdoors.   yes/no
5. We consider ourselves a bit of outside the box thinkers.   yes/no
6. We are comfortable around easy going people, and attract fun people.   yes/no
7. One or both of us, usually hates having our photo taken. lol    yes/no
8. A photo of us cracking up is as fun as where we are looking our best.   yes/no
9. I’m a good mix of traditional, and nontraditional at the same time.
10. My friends would say I would last a good while on “survivor”.  yes/no
11. In general, we admire people who do their job well, and have little patience for those who don’t.   yes/no
12. We want a few minutes of  “just us” on our wedding day.   yes/no
13. We work hard everyday, so our wedding day should just be non stressful and a true party.    yes/no
14. Even though I can easily stick up for myself, I’d rather not need to on my wedding day.  yes/no
15. We want our wedding day to be a day that “We have never had so much fun”.   yes/no

Yes to more than 10?

Welcome to weddings by Rustically Romantic!


Wedding Photographers are just like wedding dresses!

There will always be ones so much cheaper or way too expensive.

But, eventually there will that one, that you love too much to pass up and let go.

And that will be the one you fight to have.



Thank you for taking the time to visit……I realize that this is one of the most important days in your life, and the fact that you are even considering me and trusting me to be a part of it, is an honor! There are a ton, and I mean a ton of photographers out there. Ones much more expensive, ones much less expensive, so why choose me?


While images can be duplicated, personalities and styles cannot. Having someone you like, trust, and are compatible with has immeasurable value for you and your Fiance on your wedding day. It is truly the foundation of my business, and what sets me apart in the wedding industry. Loving your photographer and their work are equally important. One without the other has little value…..and really girls, fun, no stress, happy patient Fiance and groomsmen, and obsessed with your final wedding pics? WINNING!



I customize packages for each couple,

which means you can make your package fit your budget! 

Please contact me to arrange a sit-down meeting to see examples, discuss my approach, review package options, policies, and the opportunity to exchange your hopes with my vision to create the most fun-loving, romantic, creative day ever!

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*Discounts are given for engagement shoots and boudoir shoots for couples who have booked their wedding with rustically Romantic