8 biggest mistakes brides make when it’s time to “pull the trigger”.

1. Fixated on a “date”, instead of getting your dream venue/dream vendors.

2. “Know a friend, cousin, coworker who is a photographer”.

3. “I know someone who will do it for less”…$X000, (as if they are hoping I price match)

4. “We mentally have a number we want to spend” (dicker over small $ differences)

5. Budgeted a certain number and unwilling to be creative to borrow from another part of the budget or add their own money to make the difference.

6. “I’ll Contact you after booking everything else”.

7. Didn’t do your homework. ( You don’t know the average wedding photography prices and how stingy some are, you are unfamiliar with my costs or haven’t planned out your overall budget prior to consult)

8. We had a connection, I’m sure she’ll hold the date

Many photographers would think I am simply crazy for being so transparent upfront. Especially, since photography has become soooo competitive, cut throat, and simply put, sometimes use your prices and info to enhance their own business! But there is one reason in doing so…..

Customer Service!

Not only can new couples be informed, know what to expect, feel secure in my service, and in having less questions and concerns by the time we talk, and decisively “pull the trigger”…….equally important, without so much time-consuming wishy-washyness, it means I can prioritize my time for the needs and service of my existing brides, already on calendar!

Please read the terms of how I conduct my business so you know that you can depend of me, my professionalism, experience, and know what is expected as a Rustically Romantic client.